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Primary Care and Public Health Department, Reynolds Building
St Dunstan's Road, London, W6 8RP

What we do

Our research programme primarily involves the evaluation of health policy and analyses of emerging public health priorities in England and internationally. Our work mostly uses sources of routine data which permits timely and inexpensive policy evaluation. We have a particular interest in assessing the potential inequality impacts of health policy.

Why it is important

We all are impacted by changes in our environment and by the way healthcare systems are handled. Hundreds of millions of people worldwide have been saved over time thanks to public health programs such as vaccination, the eradication of smallpox or the fights against smoking. At PHPE, we believe that a lot more can be done to keep reducing mortality rates, the prevalence of diseases and disabilities. We use science and statistics to design or improve health policies to counter challenging threats like physical inactivity or exposure to air pollution.