The Graduate School delivers award winning and sector leading professional development opportunities to postgraduate students at Imperial College London.  Professional development is a key part of the educational experience at Imperial and the programme offers opportunity for postgraduates to develop attributes which are of most value to a broad range of employers and supports students to develop as world-class researchers. The programme supports students with specific development needs as well as providing specialist training which aims to challenge and inspire students who are excelling.   The Graduate School has invested in the development of an inclusive and accessible offering via online courses and webinars.  This ensures students can engage with provision from their home, at work, in hospitals or wherever they are in the world.

The College requires all doctoral students to achieve a minimum of four Graduate School credits, by the Late Stage Review (LSR).  Two of these credits, plus the mandatory online doctoral plagiarism awareness course must be completed by the Early Stage Assessment (ESA).

For any questions, please contact PhD Administrator.