Mun Keat Looi "My year on 'the course' is possibly the most intellectual stimulating of my life and one of the most fulfilling experiences I've had. It provided me with a fantastic background of science communication from many angles - I'd never previously had a chance to properly assess what science is or how it works, let alone how we attempt/have attempted to communicate it. And of course, it provided me with an amazing array of practical skills in reporting, broadcasting and story-finding. But the most important things it gave me were contacts, confidence and chances. The course, thanks to it's illustrious alumni network and reputation, opens doors and is a real mark of quality, and the opportunities you get to be involved - be it student radio, an award-winning student science magazine, volunteering at conferences or work experience - are amazing. These experiences, as well as the nurturing environment, challenging teaching and the life-long friends I made instilled me with the confidence that have allowed me to carve out a career in science communication."