Our Sense Robotics Lab (SRL), jointly hosted by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and I-X at Imperial College, focuses on robotics and AI research that enables robots to perceive and interpret real-world environments and achieve a high level of persistent autonomy and intelligence for innovative applications.

Our main research areas include robot perception (vision, LiDAR, radar, sonar, etc), localisation, mapping, learning, navigation and autonomy. Our research involves working with physical robot platforms in real-world environments and close collaboration with industry. By advancing these fundamental robotic technologies, we aim to enable robots to address the challenges faced by our society, such as climate change (Net Zero), healthcare, air pollution, transportation, and safety and efficiency in industry sectors. 

The ultimate goal of SRL is to leverage robotics research to create a sustainable future that is greener, healthier and safer for everyone. Join us in our mission to create a better tomorrow.

Our Three Key Research Themes ('See' and 'Act' for 'Impact')

Sense Robotics Lab

Robot Sensing - See

We research 3D perception and localisation/mapping/SLAM for long-term robot autonomy using various sensing modalities, including radar, vision and LiDAR. It aims to provide autonomous robots full situational awareness and understanding of their 3D surroundings geometrically and semantically.

Sense Robotics Lab

Robot Autonomy - Act

Our work on robot autonomy focuses on motion planning and decision-making with real-world uncertain and noisy data. It enables autonomous navigation, path planning, manipulation, and other tasks for safe and reliable interaction. This research also incorporates adaptive and learning capabilities.

Real-World Application - Impact

We always strive to deliver research impacts through real-world applications and industrial collaboration. Some of the application areas include
• Robotics for Offshore Renewable Energy
• Robotics for Healthcare
• Robotics for Transportation
• Robotics for Clean Air and Water