Addressing key challenges in materials engineering, design, integrity and development.

Our vision

To understand the fundamental science which can deliver real-world solutions to pressing engineering challenges and develop tools to study, design, control and manipulate materials at the nanoscale, enhancing asset lifetime, performance and management.

The need

  • Corrosion impacts across all sectors from energy generation through to healthcare
  • The impact of corrosion is significant for Economics, Health and Safety and the Environment
  • Macro-scale systems are governed by nano-scale events that are currently difficult to monitor and control
  • New robust approaches to design, specification and life prediction and integrity management required to give greater confidence and flexibility for Industry
  • Responsible and sustainable application of Nanotechnology via understanding of nanoscale systems

The Centre represents a major step forward in corrosion minimisation for Shell, with the 2016 NACE International IMPACT report estimating the global cost of corrosion to be US$2.5 trillion. Corrosion has become a substantial obstacle in many industries, including energy, chemicals, nuclear and automotive with the cost equivalent to 3.4% of global GDP in 2013.