An image of Eden Spencer
Eden was awarded a PhD in Materials Research from Imperial College London after he completed doctoral studentship in collaboration with the Shell-Imperial AIMS Centre while under the supervision of Prof Mary Ryan and Dr Finn Giuliani. Previously, he graduated from Loughborough University with an MSc in Advanced Process Engineering and a BEng degree in Chemical Engineering. Outside academia, he completed petrochemical plant design work in England and Wales as a Process Engineer at Wood Group Mustang.

Doctoral Research
Subsea flexible oil and gas pipes are often subjected to strong hydrostatic pressures, elevated temperatures, and constant exposure to production fluids. Eden used advanced characterisation methods to investigate how those environmental conditions affect the strength of fibre-matrix interfaces within flexible composite pipes. That research was conducted at Imperial College London and at The Shell Technology Centre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Additionally, he presented the findings at the annual Materials Science and Technology (MS&T) conference in Ohio, USA. 

His PhD thesis was entitled Understanding the mechanical properties of fibre-matrix interfaces in flexible composite pipe materials’.