Noora Al-Qahtani is a 2nd year PhD student at Imperial College London (ICL), and a Research Project Manager at the Center for Advanced Materials (CAM) at Qatar University (QU).

Noora's PhD research is focused on understanding scaling and corrosion in sour gas pipelines. Qatar Shell funds the project, and it is a collaboration between Qatar Shell, Qatar University, and Imperial College London.

This project is established to develop a fundamental understanding of complex multi-scale systems to address real world technical challenges and also, to develop a new approach towards delivering robust, innovative solutions to pipeline integrity issues facing the oil and gas industry in Qatar.

The team leaders of this project are: Prof. Mary Ryan, who leads Imperial College’s Shell Programme for Materials and Corrosion, Prof. Aboubakr M. Abdullah who is Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Centre for Advanced Materials, Qatar University and Dr. Nicholas Laycock, Senior Materials and Corrosion Engineer at Qatar Shell (Pearl GTL) and also, corrosion R&D Lead, QSRTC.