14th - 15th February 2011, Institute Of Physics, London

Title of presentationSpeakerRepresenting
The structural influence of porcine skeletal muscle tissue on planar shock G. Appleby Thomas Cranfield
Impact of metals and metal powder compacts J. Balzer Imperial
Pulsed power driven ICE experiments S. Bland Imperial
Shock processes in soft condensed matter C. Bo Imperial
Melting curve of Sn to 1Mbar using time-resolved x-ray diffraction R. Briggs UCL
2D shock compression experiments on MAGPIE G. Burdiak Imperial
Developments in the particle velocity technique M. Burns AWE
Hydrocode simulations of impacts into high-porosity solar system objects G. Collins Imperial
Dynamic friction under high rate loading M. Collinson Imperial
Computational study of high pressure phase transitions in tin M. Cutler UCL
High pressure high temperature phase diagram of Sn D. Daisenberger UCL
Shock transformation of metals J. De'ath Imperial
Morphology effects in granular metal mixtures  D. Eakins  Imperial
Optical properties of dense sodium at Megabar pressures  R. Howie  Edinburgh 
Modelling multi-phase flows on unstructured adaptive meshes C. Jacobs  Imperial
Fragmentation of metals  D. Jones  Imperial 
Numerical methods for modelling multi-material and compressible flows on adaptive unstructured meshes S. Kramer  Imperial
The isothermal compression of Ti-6A1-4V S. Macleod AWE 
Shock response of granular materials W. Neal Imperial
Radiative shock waves J. Skidmore Imperial 
Investigations of dynamic friction at shocked aluminium-steel interfaces S. Stirk AWE
Shock propagation in complex laminate systems D. Wood Cranfield