The 9th New Models and Hydrocodes for Shock Wave Processes

April 23rd - 27th 2012, London, United Kingdom

NMH 2012 Conference Delegates
NMH 2012 Conference Delegates


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This is the 9th meeting in the series, which originated under the direction of Dr. Vladimir Klimenko (now Chair Emeritus of this meeting) and have been held in a number of locations including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Edinburgh and Paris. 

Technical Direction

This meeting will address areas relevant to shock waves and high-rate phenomena in all phases of matter. Subjects will focus on new research areas, which are becoming increasingly relevant to the Shock Community - these include, but are not restricted to:

  • shock waves in condensed material, including EoS, strength and damage and related experiments
  • shocks in HE, including unreacted and reacted EoS and modelling of the reaction zone and related experiments
  • computational methods for the simulation of shock processes, including continuum, mesoscale and microscale applications and multiscale linkage

Invited speakers will provide keynote addresses in each of these areas. Contributed papers will form the major part of the conference and will be of approximately 20 minutes length. Poster sessions will be timetabled. 

Papers from this conference will be published in a refereed conference proceedings. 

Conference Organisers

Emeritus Chair:

Dr. V. Y. Klimenko

Scientific Committee:

F. Llorca (CEA),  L. Soulard (CEA), J. Ribeiro (Coimbra), Y. Horie (AFRL), T. Germann (LANL), 
M. Shashkov (LANL), M. Baer (Sandia), J. Kamm (Sandia),  Y. Yanilkin (VNIIEF), 
V. Raevsky (VNIIEF), O. Naimark (Perm), V. Fortov (RAS), S. Razorenov (IPCP RAS), I. Cullis (QinetiQ),
W.G. Proud (ICL), R. Winter (AWE), G. Ball (AWE), N. Nikiforaikis (Cambridge), D. Drikakis (Cranfield), 
Y. Bai (CAS), H. Song (IAPCM), S. Zybin (Caltech)

Organising Committee:

A. Barlow (AWE, Aldermaston)
G. Ball (AWE, Aldermaston)
W. G. Proud (Imperial College London)

Meeting Secretary:

Eva Gledhill
Tel: +44 (0)20 759 41966 / Fax: +44 (0)20 759 48955

International Liason:

A. Zocher (LANL, USA)
F. Llorca (CEA, France)
W. G. Proud (Imperial College London)

About the Venue

Etc.Venues is a specialised and dedicated provider for conference venues around the UK. The NMaH 2012 conference will take place in the Etc.Venues branch in Paddingdon, London (address: 57 North Wharf Road, Paddington, W2 1LA). The venue is located nearby two London Underground stations, Paddington and Edware Road. More information is available on the Travel and Orientation page. 

London as a whole is well served by a number of international airports and accommodation can be found to suit all budgets. It has an extensive public transport system, buses, underground (metro) and cycle routes. 


Please note that accommodation is not part of the registration fee and that we do not book the accommodation for delegates. London is a major tourist destination and has hotels and accommodation to suit all price ranges. A website for hotel booking is operated by the city tourist board. We have however secured discounted rates at two hotels, which are about five minutes walk from the conference venue. More information is available on the Travel and Orientation page. 


April 6th 2012: Deadline for registration. Registration now closed. 
April 23rd 2012, 10:00: Opening of the conference. 
April 26th 2012: Conference banquet. 
April 27th 2012: Closing of the conference. 
June 30th 2012: Deadline for receipt of final papers for inclusion in proceedings.