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AB - Inertial Confinement Fusion involves the implosion of a spherical capsule con-taining thermonuclear fuel. The implosion is driven by irradiating the outsideof the capsule by X-rays or by optical laser irradiation, where in each casethe highest uniformity of irradiation is sought. In this paper we consider thetheoretical problem of irradiation of a capsule by point sources of X-rays, andconfigurations which maximize uniformity are sought. By studying the root-mean-square deviation in terms of different order harmonic modes, we ratio-nalise the dependence of uniformity on distance d of the point sources fromthe centre of a capsule. After investigating simple configurations based onthe Platonic solids, we use a global optimisation algorithm (basin-hopping)to seek better arrangements. The optimum configurations are found to de-pend strongly on d; at certain values which minimise nonuniformity, theseinvolve grouping of sources on the vertices of octahedra or icosahedra, whichwe explain using a modal decomposition. The effect of uncertainties in bothposition and intensity is studied, and lastly we investigate the illuminationof a capsule whose radius is changing with time.
AU - Breach,O
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TI - Optimising point source irradiation of a capsule for maximum uniformity
T2 - High Energy Density Physics
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