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AB - We present experimental results on the formationof supersonic, radiatively cooled jets driven by pressuredue to the toroidal magnetic field generated by the 1.5 MA,250 ns current from the MAGPIE generator. The morphologyof the jet produced in the experiments is relevant toastrophysical jet scenarios in which a jet on the axis of amagnetic cavity is collimated by a toroidal magnetic fieldas it expands into the ambient medium. The jets in the experimentshave similar Mach number, plasma beta and coolingparameter to those in protostellar jets. Additionally theReynolds, magnetic Reynolds and Peclet numbers are muchlarger than unity, allowing the experiments to be scaled toastrophysical flows. The experimental configuration allowsfor the generation of episodic magnetic cavities, suggestingthat periodic fluctuations near the source may be responsiblefor some of the variability observed in astrophysical jets.Preliminary measurements of kinetic, magnetic and Poyntingenergy of the jets in our experiments are presented and discussed, together with estimates of their temperature andtrapped toroidal magnetic field.
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