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AB - The mechanisms of stress relaxation in metallic glasses under high strain rates arean area of active study. The lack of extended structure forces strain accommodation throughalternative modes to slip. For example, amorphous Ce3Al has been shown to undergo a phasetransition to the crystalline FCC Ce3Al at 25 GPa under quasistatic loading. Whether thismechanism extends to high strain rates has yet to be determined. We present results ofan initial study into the ultrafast deformation characteristics of a Ce-Al bulk metallic glass.Using the Janus laser at the Jupiter Laser Facility (LLNL), thin targets 30 micron in thicknesswere shocked over a range of pressures up to 30 GPa. The velocity of the target rear surfacewas measured using a line-imaging VISAR to reveal features in the wave profile attributedto stress relaxation. In addition, experiments were performed on crystalline forms of Ce-Alprepared through heat treatment of the amorphous material. Preliminary results reveal adistinct precursor wave above and below 1.5 GPa, which gives way to a complex multiwavestructure around 1.5 GPa, most likely indicative of a polyamorphic transition.
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