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AB - ffects of time and strain on material strength. With this objective, we performed a carefulcomparative measurement of the free-surface velocity of shock loaded aluminium AD1 andmagnesium alloy Ma2 samples of various thicknesses in the range 0.2 mm to 5 mm. Weobserved the expected decay in the elastic precursor state with increasing sample thicknessfor both aluminium and magnesium alloy. However, we also observed a small change in themagnitude of hysteresis in the elastic-plastic compression-unloading cycle; where qualitativelythe peak free-surface velocity also increased with increasing specimen thickness. Interestingly,the observed change in hysteresis as function of specimen thickness for the Ma2 alloy wasrelatively smaller than the AD1, in contrast with the larger change in precursor magnitudeobserved for the magnesium. We propose that softening due to multiplication of dislocations isrelatively large in Ma2 and results in a smaller hysteresis in the elastic-plastic cycle.
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