Ecology & Evolution Seminar Series






Welcome to the Ecology & Evolution Seminar Series page!

This weekly seminar series aims to provide a platform for researchers in the fields of evolution and ecology from across the UK to showcase their work here at Silwood Park.


Seminars are in person in the Georgina Mace Centre (GMC) common room, Silwood Park campus, Thursdays at 13.00. The seminars are also streamed live on teams so are accessible to those working remotely.

COVID-19 control measures:

  1. Wear face masks in crowded areas.
  2. Do not attend if you have symptoms of respiratory disease before the seminar.


Overseas speakers

Throughout the COVID-19 lockdowns we were able to invite speakers from around the globe to share their research with us. We will continue to do this for the forseeable future with seminars presented from overseas speakers being held online on MS Teams.

Meeting a speaker

If you would like to meet with the seminar speaker, please contact the host listed below.

Inviting a speaker

If you are faculty and have a speaker you would like to invite to give a seminar, please see the timetable below for available slots.

Once you have a speaker provisionally interested in giving a talk and you have agreed a slot for them to come, email with contact information and the preferred slot. We will double-check availability and provide further details to the speaker. Accommodation can also be arranged if required. Hosts are in charge of organising the day for their invited speaker (greetings, meetings, dinner, etc...).

Students: If you are a student and would like to propose a speaker please contact the student nomination committee and discuss with them your suggestion.

Please be aware the timetable is not updated daily.

Speaker expenses / budget

When speakers are on site we can cover some costs with our yearly budget. The maximum amount that can be claimed when hosting seminar speakers is £200 per speaker, and includes travel expenses, one night accommodation and dinner for host and speaker. Please bear this budget in mind when considering invitations. Travel should be booked using cheap, advance options in line with the College’s Expenses Policy (requires College login). Entertainment costs are detailed in the Expenses Policy. Normally speakers should be travelling from within the UK. Exceptionally we can include speakers from Europe if they can travel here within budget: in such cases, the host must notify the seminar organizers for departmental approval ahead of time. Hosts are, of course, welcome to use any alternative source of funding to cover expenses above the £200 limit if required.

 Panopto recordings

Most presentations will be recorded/uploaded using Panopto (Imperial login required). You can find all of the recorded talks in the Silwood Ecology & Evolution Seminar Series folder, here. Note that not all talks are recorded, for various reasons.

Previous seminars

The schedules for previous terms (including links to Panopto recordings) can be found here.


The organisers are Tom Smith and Jacob Cook. Please email with any queries.


Schedules for upcoming terms are given below. Blank slots are free. Times given are based on UK time.



6th October 1pm GMC Ryan Chisholm National University of Singapore James Rosindell Exploring the transition between niche assembly and dispersal assembly in ecological communities 
13th October 1pm  GMC  Mark Ramsden  ADAS  Will Pearse  Stepping up IPM – Decision Support Systems for IPM and demonstrating that IPM Works 
20th October            
27th October 1pm GMC Rafal Gutaker Kew Gardens Vincent Savolainen Genomics of rice ecology 
3rd November             

10th November

- - - - - -- SEMINAR CANCELLED --
17th November 1pm GMC Samraat Pawar Imperial College London (Internal)  Jacob Cook Climatic Warming, Microbial Community Dynamics, and Rip Van Winkle on Steroids  
24th November - - - - - -- SEMINAR POSTPONED --
1st December  1pm GMC Peter Greystock Imperial College London (Internal) Jacob Cook The plight of bees and their microbial ecology 
8th December 1pm Online Julien Martin University of Ottawa Julia Schroeder Life-history evolution in a changing environment: a 2 tails story 


12th January     Rob Fletcher University of Florida Cris Banks-Leite  
19th January     TBD (virtual rainforest group) Imperial (Internal) Rob Ewers  
26th January     Michael Griesser University of Konstanz   Julia Schroeder  
2nd February      Robert Endres  Imperial (South Ken)  Jacob Cook   
9th February     Samuel Pironon  Kew Gardens  Cris Banks-Leite   
16th February     Jessica Williams UCL Cris Banks-Leite  
23rd February     Johanna Pausch   Bayreuth University Martin Bidartondo   
2nd March      Tracey Chapman University of East Anglia Lauren Cator  
9th March     Tom Oliver University of Reading   Tom Smith  
16th March            
23rd March            


4th May            
11th May      Orly Razgour  University of Exeter Cris Banks-Leite  
18th May            
25th May            
1st June            
8th June            
15th June            
22nd June            
29th June