Silwood Park Campus is home to the Department of Life Sciences Evolutionary Biology Theme, the Ecosystems & the Environment Theme and Grand Challenges in Ecosystems & the Environment Initiative.

The Grand Challenges in Ecosystems and the Environment Initiative was launched in 2013. Working across scales and combining theory, observation and manipulative experimentation the Grand Challenges Initiative aims to develop fundamental science and design innovative solutions to tackle some of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world.

Other groups active at the Silwood Park Campus include the Centre for Environmental Policy, the Imperial College Reactor Centre and the International Pesticide Application Research Centre.

Research facilities

As well as newly refurbished genomics and microbiology laboratories, the Campus offers unique facilities for field research in woodland, grassland and freshwater habitats. We welcome enquiries from any researcher wishing to set up field experiments (please check here or contact Catalina Estrada).

Silwood Park Campus has long acted as an international hub for ecological research, and staff and students work at a vast range of sites across all continents (view map of exemplar projects).

Seminars and workshops

Silwood Park Campus has a long history of hosting collaborative research workshops, initially through the NERC Centre for Population Biology and now funded through NERC Tansley Working Groups and the Grand Challenges Initiative. Please contact us if you wish to host a workshop here (please contact Ibi Wallbank).