The Move Imperial gym

The Move Imperial gym located at Silwood is temporarily located in A Block while campus-wide projects are completed. The gym is currently operating under COVID secure guidelines and is available to Imperial students living in residence and Imperial staff working on Silwood campus. The temporary gym offers users a range of both cardiovascular and resistance equipment and operates Monday to Friday from 09.00 – 17.00. Please contact Andrew Greig to complete the mandatory Health Commitment Statement and to request access to the booking spreadsheet.

Clubs and societies

Silwood Park has a small but active Student Union that helps run a number of clubs, societies and events that are open to students and staff. A number of societies are popular and often run each year such a climbing, allotments, chickens, basketball, football and bird watching, but there is always an opportunity to start a society for any interest or hobby that you may have. The start of the academic year is the time to put forward suggestions for societies for your stay at Silwood.