teaching-simulationThe learning process is a key element during the development of high-level professionals. This has been characterized as a professor-based approach, which is considered as the most effective means to acquire new knowledge. Since the origin of technology, researchers have been looking for new ways to improve and reduce the learning process' costs. Therefore, different types of simulations, control systems and learning environments have emerged in the field of e-learning courses and TEL approaches.

UNESCO has suggested that new technologies applied to education should be focused on the development of learning environments. In the area of Medicine, Doctors require extensive preparation to perform them successfully; for example, research shows that a minimum of 750 operations are needed to acquire enough experience to perform medical procedures correctly.

Current virtual environments perform task evaluation; nevertheless, tracking of task's dexterity acquisition is a topic that has not been covered. Thanks to recent advances in artificial intelligence, Intelligent systems could provide very powerful reasoning systems to help experts measure knowledge acquisition.