School students with a CubeSat

We work with schools and colleges, providing engagement opportunities for students of all ages along with their teachers, parents/carers and key influencers. We aim to enable young people from all backgrounds to realise their aspirations towards science and fulfil their potential.

We recognise that, unfortunately, there are many societal factors that can disadvantage or dissuade some young people from pursuing education, or ultimately careers, related to Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) fields. These factors are especially acute for the subject of physics, largely due to issues of under-representation that are present at all levels. We, therefore, hope to combat these issues in meaningful way through our work with schools.  Research suggests that deeper approaches to engaging young people can be successful in having lasting impact that contributes towards addressing these inequities. We, therefore, contribute to a number of long-term programmes with schools run by the Department of Physics and Schools Outreach team to raise aspirations and widen access to STEM subjects and university and beyond.

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We actively solicit further opportunities to engage schools and colleges with our work, both in the London area and elsewhere in the UK. If you'd like a member of our group to give a talk or deliver an engagement activity, please send an email to the Admin Team who will forward your request to an appropriate member of the group.‌