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AB - Measurements of transverse magnetic fieldãnd velocity components from Parker Solar Probe hav e rev ealedã coherent quasi- periodic pattern in the near-Sun solar wind. As wellãs being Alfvénicãndãrc-polarized, these deflections were characterized byã consistent orientationãndãn increased proton core temperature, which was greater parallel to the magnetic field. We show that switchbacks represent the largest deflections within this underlying structure, which is itself consistent with the expected outflow from interchange reconnection simulations. Additionally, the spatial scale of the deflections was estimated to beãround 1 Mm on the Sun, comparable to the jettingãctivity observedãt coronal bright points within the base of coronal plumes. Therefore, our results could represent the in situ signature of interchange reconnection from coronal bright points within plumes, complementing recent numericalãnd observational studies. Weãlso foundã consistent relationship between the proton core temperatureãnd magnetic fieldãngleãcross the Parker Solar Probe encountersãnd discussed how suchã persistent signature could be more indicative ofãn in situ mechanism creatingã local increase in temperature. In future, observations of minor ions, radio bursts,ãnd remote sensing images could help further establish the connection between reconnection events on the Sunãnd signatures in the solar wind.
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