Imperial College Space Instrumentation Team 


From left to right:
Back: Peter Fox,  Isaias Carrasco, Chris Carr, Maciek Bendyk, Barry Whiteside
Seated: Helen O'Brien, Patrick Brown, Trevor Beek, Nasir Adeli, Tim Oddy
Not pictured: Emanuele Cupido, Leah-Nani Alconcel, Niraj Tailor 

Below are the names, roles and mission involvement of the lab group members:

Name and EmailRoleMission Involvement
Chris Carr Head of Space Magnetometer Laboratory  Cluster, Double StarRosettaBepi‑ColomboVenus ExpressSolar Orbiter, JUICE, Sunjammer
Leah-Nani Alconcel CalibrationArchiving, Operations & Instrument Development  CassiniCluster, JUICE
Nasir Adeli Instrument DevelopmentHardware Design  Solar Orbiter, Sunjammer
Maciej Bendyk Instrument DevelopmentHardware Design  Lockheed-Martin, IPDHS, JUICE, Solar Orbiter
Isaias Carrasco  Software Development and Operations Solar Orbiter
Trevor Beek Hardware Design Cluster, Double Star, Venus ExpressUlyssesRosetta, Cassini, Solar Orbiter
Patrick Brown Instrument Development & Operations Cluster, Double Star, Solar Orbiter, JUICE, Sunjammer
Emanuele Cupido  Instrument Development & Operations RosettaSolar Orbiter, JUICE
Peter Fox Calibration, Archiving & Instrument Development Cluster, JUICE, Sunjammer
Helen O'Brien Instrument Development & Operations Double Star, Bepi‑Colombo, Solar Orbiter
Tim Oddy Instrument Development & Operations Cluster, Double Star, Rosetta, Solar Orbiter, Sunjammer
Niraj Tailor Instrument Development JUICE
Barry Whiteside Calibration, Instrument Development Cluster, Sunjammer, Solar Orbiter