Tony Canas and John Murray The TAFTS instrument project was instigated by Prof J E Harries. 

TAFTS was designed and built at the  Imperial College Physics Department by Dr. A. A. Canas and Dr. J. E. Murray with the considerable help of the Physics Department Optics and main Physics Workshops. 

Dr Juliet Pickering is the academic staff member responsible for the TAFTS project.

Alan Last is involved with the maintenance and modification of the TAFTS control systems.

Current PhD student: Cathryn Fox.

Recent PhD students: Ralph Beeby (2012), Neil Humpage (2010).

Image to the right: Tony Canas, formerly of the Physics Department Applied Optics Group and Jon Murray, of the Space and Atmospheric Physics Group with the TAFTS instrument.

Engineering flights and first tests of TAFTS took place on board the UK Met-Office research aircraft, a Hercules C130. Analysis of the spectra obtained on those tests flights indicated corrections were needed to  the Far IR water vapour continuum models in use at the time in atmospheric physics radiative transfer models (Paul Green, PhD Thesis 2003).

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