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JUICE JUICE is a European Space Agency (ESA) mission to Jupiter and its Galilean moons.

Mission Summary

The JUpiter ICy moons Explorer JUICE will use the Jupiter system as an archetype for gas giants and their icy moons and to assess the habitability of the moons. JUICE will be the first spacecraft to orbit one of the moons, Ganymede. It will provide a unique opportunity to characterise Ganymede’s subsurface ocean. J-MAG will study the interaction between Ganymede’s intrinsic magnetic field and Jupiter’s to help determine the depth and extent of the ocean as well as understand the source of Ganymede’s intrinsic field.

JUICE was selected as the first large-class mission for ESA's Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 programme in May 2012. J-MAG was selected as one of the 11 scientific experiments to be carried aboard JUICE in February 2013. The spacecraft and payload are presently under development.



  • Launch Date: April 2023
  • Orbit: Jupiter orbit beginning in July 2031, followed by transfer to Callisto and finally Ganymede orbit.
  • Mission Lifetime: 4 years
  • Imperial College Involvement: 
  • J-MAG: Outboard 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer (FGM). Hardware for this instrument will be provided by the Space Magnetometer Laboratory.
  • Principal Investigator: Prof. Michele Dougherty FRS
  • J-MAG hardware-providing Co-Investigators: The Technical University of Braunschweig (inboard FGM, Germany), the Space Research Institute and Technical University of Graz (scalar sensor, Austria).

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ESA JUICE web site | UKSA

Imperial College participation in the JUICE mission is funded by the UK Space Agency (UKSA).

Imperial College Contact:

Prof. Michele Dougherty
The Blackett Laboratory
Imperial College London