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Mission pages

The Ulysses mission is a joint ESA/NASA undertaking. There are mission home pages at both organisations:

Ulysses data archive


There are several good sites which provide an interesting introduction to the solar system: all are worth a look, although they can be rather slow at times.


The obvious organisation to look at is NASA , which has many interesting Web pages. The European Space Agency, ESA also has a Web presence. There are many other, smaller, organisations with Web pages related to space, but these have been listed in the relevant sections of this page.


Some sites with pictures and/or movies about space:

Space Shuttle

NASA provides lot of information about Shuttle missions. The best place to start is the Shuttle home page , which has up to date information during missions, including times when you can see the Shuttle, pictures, movies and much more.

You can also go to the Kennedy Space Centre home page which has a lot of Shuttle and astronaut related information.


Some more advanced information, if you're interested in the details: