Organisers: Pietro SalviAlexander Kuhn-RegnierCarl ThomasLaura Warwick, and Eric Schoenrock.

Atmospheric Physics seminars take place during term time on Tuesdays at 11.30am in Huxley Room 711c unless stated otherwise.

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Upcoming seminars 2019/20

Upcoming seminars 2019/20

Spring Term (Jan-March 2020)

14/01/2020 Professor Piers Forster Leeds How should we interpret CMIP6 results?
21/01/2020 Dr Eleanor Frajka-Williams National Oceanography Centre Measuring the large-scale ocean circulation: Variability, connectivity and new approaches
28/01/2020 Dr Richard Staley Cambridge Climatic periods: A history
04/02/2020 Dr Chris Smith Leeds The Utility of Simple Climate Models
11/02/2020 Prof Nadine Unger Exeter Air pollution impacts on the carbon cycle and climate
25/02/2020 Dr Vincent Hare Cape Town Plants, Palaeoatmospheres, and Carbon Isotopes
03/03/2020 Professor Richard Essery N/A N/A
10/03/2020 Dr Tim Trent N/A N/A
17/03/2020 Dr Anthony Baran Reading Towards a new generation of physically consistent ice crystal scattering models

Autumn Term (Oct-Dec 2019)


 26/09/2019 (Thursday, 10:00)

Prof Georgiy Stenchikov King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Effect of radiative heating on the dispersion of stratospheric volcanic plumes in a fine-resolution regional model
 03/10/2019 (Thursday, 16:00, H130) Dr Stephan Juricke University of Oxford Modelling ocean weather
 08/10/2019 Dr Yohan Ruprich-Robert BSC-CNS The North Atlantic decadal variability: its climate impacts and its origins
 15/10/2019 N/A N/A N/A
 22/10/2019 Prof Ben Murray University of Leeds Ice nucleating aerosol particles and the cloud-phase climate feedback
 29/10/2019 Prof Geoffrey Vallis University of Exeter A Mechanism of the Madden-Julian Oscillation and its Relation to Excitable Media
 05/11/2019 Dr Andrew Gettelman NCAR (and Oxford University) Cloud processes at the intersection of Climate Forcing and Feedback
 12/11/2019 Dr James Keeble University of Cambridge Modelling the Potential Impacts on Total Column Ozone Recovery of the Recent, Unexpected Increases in CFC-11 emissions
 19/11/2019 Asst. Prof Ashwin Seshadri Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences
Simple models of monsoon bifurcation and global warming
 26/11/2019 Dr Daniel McCoy University of Leeds Observational constraints on aerosol-induced cloud brightening and liquid content changes

 05/12/2019 (Thursday 15:30-17:30)

Dr Ayako Yamamoto and Prof Hisashi Nakamura JAMSTEC (Dr. Yamamoto) and RCAST (Prof Nakamura)

Key role of western boundary currents in wintertime Euro-Atlantic blocking (Dr. Yamamoto)

Processes shaping the frontal-scale time-mean surface wind convergence patterns in winter around the warm western boundary currents (Prof Nakamura)

 10/12/2019 Dr Thomas Smith LSE Smoke and mirrors: Why are tropical biomass burning emissions important? And how do we measure them?