Date Speaker Title
17-Jan-12 Rob Wilson (CANCELLED) CANCELLED
  (LASP, Boulder, CO)  
31-Jan-12 Lorenzo Matteini Ion kinetics in the solar wind: proton energetics and properties of core-beam distributions
  (Arcetri, Florence)  
07-Feb-12 David Tsiklauri Particle acceleration by dispersive Alfven waves and Particle-In-Cell modeling of the radio emission of solar super-thermal electron beams.
  (Queen Mary, London)  
14-Feb-12 Kareem Osman Evidence for Inhomogeneous Heating in the Solar Wind
21-Feb-12 Space Group Meeting  
28-Feb-12 Robert Fear The formation of transpolar arcs
06-Mar-12 Andrew Bushell Space Weather Services and R&D at the Met Office
  (Met Office)  
15-Mar-12 Alexander Russell Propagation of Alfven Waves from the Corona to the Chromosphere
Thursday! (Glasgow)  
20-Mar-12 Andrew Coates The comet-solar wind interaction: prospects for Roseta
  (MSSL, UCL)  
23/03/2012 EASTER  
01-May-12 Jack Cutler The Kelvin- Helmholtz instability at the Kronian magnetopause
08/05/2012 Jim Wild Space Weather and the UK National Grid
POSTPONED Jon Nichols Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling at Jupiter-like exoplanets with internal plasma sources: implications for detectability of auroral radio emissions (3/7/12)
29/05/2012 Marty Goldman Energetics of Magnetic reconnection.
03-Jul-12 Jonathan Nichols Magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling at Jupiter-like exoplanets and ultra-cool dwarfs (Room 658, Huxley).
Date Speaker Title
27-Nov-08 Jan Soucek (Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic) Classification and statistical properties of different types of mirror modes observed in the Earth's magnetosheath
24 June 2008 Panayotis Lawas (LPL, USA) Ttan's subtle thermosphere
29 April 2008 Laurence Billingham (Imperial College) A Cluster study of foreshock cavities
18 March 2007 Jonathan Eastwood (UC Berkeley, USA) Using multi-point measurements to study the Earth's magnetosphere; new observations from Cluster and THEMIS
04-Mar-08 W. William Liu (Space Science Branch, Canadian Space Agency) Magnetospheric substorms: Intermittency in a driven-dissipative plasma system
12-Feb-08 Richard Harrison (RAL) STEREO- Observing the Sun and heliosphere in 3D
05-Feb-08 Alice Verweyen (University of Bonn) Structure and dynamics of the Venus neutral atmosphere from the Venus Express Radio Science Experiment (VeRa)
20-Nov-07 Eric Buchlin (Imperial College) Turbulent heating and cooling of the solar corona
13-Nov-07 Dimitriy Pokhotelov (Bath) GPS imaging of magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling
06-Nov-07 Robert Fear (Leicester) The azimuthal scale size of an FTE: observations from the Cluster 10,000 km separation season and SuperDARN
30-Oct-07 Olga Malandraki (Imperial College) Tracing magnetic field structures by means of energetic particle measurements
23-Oct-07 Anders Eriksson (Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala) Vanity of vanities? Striving for the polar wind in Cluster data
19-Jul-07 Mathieu Hirtzig (Univ. Nantes, France) Titan, from Earth and space
12-Jun-07 Kareem Osman (Imperial College London) TBC
29/05/2007 Dimitry Pokhotelov (University of Bath) GPS Imaging of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling 
22-May-07 Gemma Attrill (MSSL, University College London) Coronal "Wave": Magnetic Footprint of a CME?
15/05/2007 Richard Blackwell-Whitehead (Imperial College London) High resolution laboratory atomic spectra and the application to space plasmas 
08-May-07 Elena Podladchikova (Royal Observatory of Belgium) Solar Disk Eruption Studies with STEREO 
13/03/2007 Ken Phillips, MSSL, University College London Hinode Views the Sun
27-Feb-07 Alexander Schekochihin, DAMTP, University of Cambridge & Imperial College London Kinetic cascades and the turbulence in the solar wind 
20/02/2007 Durgesh Tripathi, DAMTP, University of Cambridge Partial Eruption of Prominences/Filaments: Evidence of Bifurcating Flux-Ropes During Coronal Mass Ejections?
06-Feb-07 Sandra Chapman, CFSA, University of Warwick The Solar Wind as a Turbulence Laboratory
23/01/2007 Tom Stallard, University College London The magnetospheres of Jupiter and Saturn, as seen from the planet
13-Jun-06 Steve Miller (UCL): The Role of H3+ in Planetary Atmospheres
30/05/2006 Mervyn Freeman (British Antarctic Survey) TBA
23-May-06 David Burgess (Queen Mary) TBA
16/05/2006 Chris Arridge (Imperial) The Configuration of Saturn's Magnetosphere: The Role of Electric Currents and Stress Balance"
02-May-06 Matthew West (Imperial) The Detectability of Coronal Magnetic Reconnection