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AB - Speech signals are often affected by additive noiseand distortion which can degrade the perceived quality andintelligibility of the signal. We present a new measure, NISA, forestimating the quality and intelligibility of speech degraded byadditive noise and distortions associated with telecommunicationsnetworks, based on a data driven framework of feature extractionand tree based regression. The new measure is non-intrusive,operating on the degraded signal alone without the need for areference signal. This makes the measure applicable to practicalspeech processing applications operating in the single-endedmode. The new measure has been evaluated against the intrusivemeasures PESQ and STOI. The results indicate that the accuracyof the new non-intrusive method is around 90% of the accuracy ofthe intrusive measures, depending on the test scenario. The NISAmeasure therefore provides non-intrusive (single-ended) PESQand STOI estimates with high accuracy.
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