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AB - Dereverberation is an important preprocessing step in manyspeech systems, both for human and machine listening. Inmany situations, including robot audition, the sound sourcesof interest can be incident from any direction. In such circumstances,a spherical microphone array allows direction of arrivalestimation which is free of spatial aliasing and directionindependentbeam patterns can be formed. This contributionformulates the Weighted Prediction Error algorithm in thespherical harmonic domain and compares the performance toa space domain implementation. Simulation results demonstratethat performing dereverberation in the spherical harmonicdomain allows many more microphones to be usedwithout increasing the computational cost. The benefit ofusing many microphones is particularly apparent at low signalto noise ratios, where for the conditions tested up to 71%improvement in speech-to-reverberation modulation ratio wasachieved.
AU - Moore,AH
AU - Naylor,P
DO - 10.1109/IWAENC.2016.7602946
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TI - Linear prediction based dereverberation for spherical microphone arrays
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