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AB - The use of spatial information in multichannel speech enhancement methods is well established but information associated with the temporal evolution of speech is less commonly exploited. Speech signals can be modelled using an autoregressive process in the time-frequency modulation domain, and Kalman filtering based speech enhancement algorithms have been developed for single-channel processing. In this paper, a multichannel Kalman filter (MKF) for speech enhancement is derived that jointly considers the multichannel spatial information and the temporal correlations of speech. We model the temporal evolution of speech in the modulation domain and, by incorporating the spatial information, an optimal MKF gain is derived in the short-time Fourier transform domain. We also show that the proposed MKF becomes a conventional multichannel Wiener filter if the temporal information is discarded. Experiments using the signals generated from a public head-related impulse response database demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method in comparison to other techniques.
AU - Xue,W
AU - Moore,A
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TI - Multichannel kalman filtering for speech ehnancement
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