A nurse taking a blood test from a patient

Brain connectivity and patient reported outcomes for people living with HIV and insomnia

Key information

Principal Investigator: Prof Alan Winston
Sponsor: University of Sussex
Trial Physician: Dr Merle Henderson
Phone: 020 3312 1464

The study is aiming to recruit 46 adult patients across two NHS research sites in London and Brighton. The patients will be people living with HIV who are otherwise generally well but have difficulty sleeping (‘insomnia’). They will have been taking a medicine called Triumeq, which contains another antiretroviral medicine called Dolutegravir.

Patients will be allocated by chance to either continue taking this medicine or to switch to another one called Biktarvy, which contains the antiretroviral medicine Bictegravir. Patients will attend visits over about a five month period. There will be eight visits in total. Six visits will be at the routine clinic where blood and urine will be collected, and several questionnaires completed. Two visits will be at a separate imaging centre where a brain scan will be performed.

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