Is there insurance cover for travel disruptions caused by Brexit?

It is probably that there will be disruption in and around major termini between the UK and EU27 countries and potentially with knock-on effects on non affected countries.  The College brokers have prepared guidance on the insurance and visa implications.

Can my partner/spouse/dependant be insured if accompanying me on travel?

Yes, providing they are accompanying you.  If they leave before you, they must arrange their own travel insurance.

I want to stay a few days at the end of the business trip. Is my private holiday insured?

Providing holidays are taken in the same country as that of the businesss travel, see table below for details of actual private days covered.

Days of private holiday travel covered by College travel insurance
Length of business trip (days)Days of private holiday travel covered
5-12 2
13-21 5
22-35 8
36-50 12
51-65 16
66-80 20
81-100 23
101-365 25
Over 365 28
Days of private holiday travel covered by College travel insurance


I am doing my Medical Elective overseas and want to take holiday after this, am I covered by the College travel insurance??

Cover is provided according to the same conditions as private holidays taken after business travel.  The holiday needs to be in the same country as the elective and the number of days covered will be as per the table of private holiday cover after business trips.

What does the travel insurance policy cover?

See Travel and Personal Property Insurance Policy for details of what is covered and exclusions.

Are there any health or age restrictions for the travel insurance?

You should never travel against the advice of your doctor.  If you are over the age of 75 the Personal Accident Benefit is restricted but the Travel aspects are unaffected. You should check whether your trip requires a health check undertaken by .

How do I obtain my proof of travel insurance, to provide evidence of cover for overseas hospitals, visas etc.?

You can print off and add your name to the Travel Insurance Certificate 2020-2021 (log in required).   Emergency assistance will be provided by our insurers whether or not you have this certificate to hand.

I’m a student. What do I need to know about insurance for a placement, field work or trip that forms part of my course registration?

The College has a policy for placement learning (which links to the College’s Off-site working procedures especially when risks need assessing).  Departments are responsible for managing your placement from preparation through to completion.  Students who are undertaking a placement abroad as part of their degree programme should consult their academic department, and refer to the Placements website.

In particular, students travelling abroad on a placement should read the Placements Abroad Handbook.  The Handbook includes guidance on insurance for study, and in particular, work-based placements.  Both students and their departmental advisors are encouraged to refer to it, especially when the aim is for the student to undertake a work-based placement as part of their degree or for extra-ECTS credit, and the department is handling a Placement Provider Information Form or equivalent.

Similarly your Department is responsible for managing any field work or trip, and again their processes will be guided by the College’s Off-site working procedures. Start the conversation with your Departmental undergraduate or postgraduate office.

Am I covered by the College motor insurance policy for business travel?

All College owned, leased and hired vehicles in the UK are covered.  Private vehicles and vehicles hired overseas are not covered.  See Motor insurance for more information on all three cases.