Travel Health Clearance Questionnaire

If health clearance is required, please return the completed health clearance questionnaire by email to Occupational Health at

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If required, you must obtain clearance to travel from Occupational health.

Health clearance is required for:

  • Any trip lasting more than 3 months
  • Any tropical country or country where malaria is endemic
  • Any fieldwork involving work in a remote area more than 24 hours away from a medical facility
  • Any work involving high risk activities e.g. abseiling, climbing, diving, caving
  • Any dangerous work

If you don't require health clearance, please see the next step Travel health.

Obtaining health clearance

  • Please complete and return the Travel Health Questionnaire to Occupational Health. The form will be screened and you will receive your travel health clearance by email along with any recommended vaccines and malaria advice. The Principal Investigator/Fieldwork Leader will also be copied into the health clearance if applicable.
  • You will be asked to book an appointment if you require any vaccines and/or malaria tablets, please wait for your travel health clearance e-mail before calling Occupational Health.
  • Repeat malarial prescriptions may be requested by email. You will need to confirm that there is no change to your health or significant adverse reaction to the tablets used.
  • Health clearance is only withheld in exceptional circumstances.

Please see the next step Travel health.