Advanced skills for a tech-enabled future

- Imperial Extended Learning Institute

Our goal: We will help to future-proof careers, businesses and communities by providing the advanced skills training and values-driven leadership needed to thrive in a tech-enabled world.

Now: For more than a century, Imperial’s evolving research-rich educational programmes have inspired, stretched and encouraged many of the world’s STEMB leaders. In the last ten years, they have grown to include many exciting new interdisciplinary programmes in response to scientific advances, the emergence of new global challenges and changing workplace skills needs. Our graduates have long been sought after for their talent, solution-focused mindset and track record of creating innovations of real significance.

Next: If humanity is to thrive in a science- and tech-driven world, places of higher learning must act with speed, agility and foresight. That is why we will expand beyond degree programmes to offer flexible and lifelong advanced STEMB training through the establishment of a new Imperial Institute of Extended Learning. The Institute will leverage the disciplinary excellence within our academic departments and the unparalleled interdisciplinary capacity within our new Schools of Convergence Science, to provide advanced skills training for individuals, businesses, governments and other knowledge organisations.

For individual learners, Imperial’s cutting edge short courses will be used to unlock new career opportunities or stacked over time to achieve a formal degree award. For knowledge organisations, we will work with them to customise STEMB-led short courses and leadership programmes to meet their skills and business development needs. For both individuals and businesses, the Imperial Institute of Extended Learning will build on our position at the forefront of STEMB to ensure participants are equipped with the knowledge, skills and leadership capability to grasp new opportunities in rapidly advancing fields such as AI, cleantech, deep tech, quantum, engineering biology and climate science.

The Imperial Institute of Extended Learning will reinforce Imperial’s role as a world-changing university that’s as future-ready as our learners.

“The Imperial Extended Learning Institute is our response to the rapid pace of global change and will equip people everywhere and at every life stage with the agility, knowledge and insight to first prepare for the future, and then shape it.” Leila Guerra, Associate Provost (Digital Lifelong Learning)

Custom Sustainability Programme with Bain & Company

Imperial partnered with consulting firm Bain & Company to roll out an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) training programme across the company's global network. It was thoughtfully designed by academic experts from Imperial’s Business School, Grantham Institute and Centre for Environmental Policy together with leaders from Bain’s own sustainability practice. Aligning with the firm’s commitment to integrate and elevate ESG in all client work, the partnership highlights the urgency of ESG competence in business leadership and equips professionals with the training they need to steer clients towards a more sustainable future.