What we are doing

Dr Andreas Kafizas in a lab working on research that is focused on developing light-activated coatings that can drive useful chemistry using sunlight (e.g. coatings for building façades that can purify polluted city air)

Sustainability research

Artist impression of Arborea panels on London roofs (credit: Imperial College London // Thomas Glover)

Working with business

BioSolar Leaf

Imperial is collaborating with startup Arborea in the iHub at White City to develop pioneering ‘BioSolar Leaf’ technology to improve air quality through the photosynthesis of microscopic plants, removing greenhouse gases from the environment whilst generating breathable oxygen.


World’s first biodegradable and recyclable plastic developed at White City. Find out more about Polymateria.


Imperial are encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship by providing office and laboratory space for our researchers and early-stage companies.