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Get involved in Centre activities

You can take part in the activity of the centre in a number of ways.

  • For anyone interested in receiving updates about centre activity, please contact the team via email. Alternatively, you can sign yourself up to the mailing list directly using this link (internal). 
  • To see an online calendar of our events, please follow this link.
  • You can use the following link to subscribe to our calendar: ics link. Note that you should not simply download the linked .ics file (that will create a static calendar that doesn't update). You must instead select "new subscription" or equivalent in your calendar software ("Add calendar/From the internet" in Outlook 365), and copy the link address into the appropriate box. If you do this, new events will be automatically synced.
  • For Imperial-based group leaders who would like to become affiliated with the centre, please contact the team via email.
  • For information on courses and activities for students, including SynBIC, please refer to our students' page
  • For postgraduate opportunities, including MRes and PhDs, please refer to our training page.

You can follow us on twitter @IC_CSynBio.