Dr Peter Flohr was a postgraduate research student with the group. He can now be contacted at Alsthom .

Research interests

  • Coherent structures in small-scale turbulence
  • Passive scalar fields and particle dispersion
  • Direct numerical simulations, Large-eddy simulations
  • Atmospheric flows, mixing processes
  • Fractal geometry


PhD project

In my PhD project I investigate mainly topological aspects of small-scale turbulence. An attempt is made to quantify dissipation rates of kinetic energy and characteristics of non-linear energy transfer as well as diffusion rates and mixing properties of coherent structures present in small-scale turbulence. During the course of the project we follow two lines of research. Firstly, by analysing direct numerical simulations of turbulence the relation between flow topology, local energy dissipation, mixing rates, and non-linear energy transfer is directly measured and quantified. And secondly, by studying simplified model problems both analytically and numerically, we try to better understand the effect of certain (near-singular) flow topologies on dissipation and diffusion rates which will be related to the findings from direct simulations. The project is relevant to fundamental turbulence research and applications can be found in atmospheric flows as well as in mixing and combustion processes. .


Selected publications

  • P. Flohr & J.C. Vassilicos, 1999 ``Scalar subgrid model with flow structure for large-eddy simulations of scalar variances'' , INI Symposium / ERCOFTAC Third Workshop on Direct and Large-Eddy, Simulation, May 12th-14th, 1999.
  • P. Flohr & J.C. Vassilicos, 1997. ``Accelerated scalar dissipation in a vortex'', J. Fluid Mech., 348, 295 - 317.
  • P. Flohr & J.C. Vassilicos, 1996. ``Dissipation properties of near-singularities in small-scale turbulence'', Proceedings of the 6th European Turbulence Conference, Lausanne.
  • E. Balaras & P. Flohr, 1995. ``Large-eddy simulations of turbulent boundary layers at high Reynolds numbers'', Proceedings of Numerical Methods in Laminar and Turbulent Flow, Atlanta.
  • P. Flohr & E. Balaras, 1995. ``Large-eddy simulation of a turbulent boundary layer'', Technical Note 187, von Karman Institute.
  • P. Flohr & D. Olivari, 1994. ``Fractal and multifractal characteristics of a scalar dispersed in a turbulent jet'', Physica D 76, 278-290.


Mail address

Peter Flohr, DAMTP, Silver Street, Cambridge CB3 9EW, U.K., tel. ++44.1223.339735