Light Rail

Light Rail / Tram Benchmarking at the Transport Strategy Centre

The Transport Strategy Centre (TSC) facilitates light rail / tram benchmarking through the Benchmarking Group of North American Light Rail Systems (GOAL) and the International Light Rail and Tram Benchmarking Group (BOLTS).

GOAL and BOLTS were established in 2016 and 2023 respectively to benchmark performance and share experiences and best practices based on the TSC's benchmarking process.

The group is owned and steered by the member organisations and led by the TSC, who manages and facilitates the group, conducts research and analysis to understand performance, and disseminates and advises members on best practices.

There is a recurring work programme on a continuous annual cycle that combines KPI analysis and best practice research with collaboration, knowledge and information sharing. The members also gather at meetings hosted by the member organisations. They continue to stay in contact and share information through the group’s secure website and online discussion forum.

GOAL and BOLTS activities are carried out within a framework of confidentiality. Any information that is released outside the group must follow strict anonymisation protocols. All member light rail agencies / tram organisations are required to sign and adhere to a confidentiality agreement.

For more details about the group, including its history, current members, and contact information, please visit their respective websites: