Our team

Academic and research staff

 Team MemberResearch Interests
 Prof. Washington Ochieng  Prof. Washington Ochieng Positioning and navigation systems design & applications
Geomatics, space geodesy & transport telematics
Air traffic management and control
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) applications 
 Dr Arnab Majumdar  Dr Arnab Majumdar  Air Traffic Management
Human Performance Modelling
Safety and Risk Management
Quantitaitve Risk Analysis
Accident and Incident Analysis
 Dr Robin North  Dr Robin North Vehicle emissions monitoring
Emissions and air quality modelling
Co-operative vehicle and infrastructure systems
Field operational tests and real-world performance
Transport in developing countries 
 Dr Shaojun Feng  Dr Shaojun Feng  Air Traffic Management and Control
Positioning and Navigation design and applications
GNSS augmentation systems
Integrated Navigation Systems
Intelligent Multi-modal Transport Systems
 Dr Wolfgang Schuster  Dr Wolfgang Schuster Intelligent Multi-modal Transport Systems
Air Traffic Management and Control
Positioning, Navigation and automation systems
Safety and Risk Analysis and Management
Transport emissions and impacts on environment
 Dr Rajesh Krishnan  Dr Rajesh Krishnan Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
Traffic managemet
Traffic sensors and systems
Public transport
 Dr Margherita Mascia  Dr Margherita Mascia Personal Rapid Transit
ITS system architecture
Travel behaviour models
Real-time passenger information
Demand Responsive Transport Systems
 Dr Khalid Nur  Dr Khalid Nur Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
Technological Advances and Applications 
to the Railway industry
Positioning using Signals of Opportunity 
Signal Processing for Positioning and Navigation
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PhD students

 Team MemberResearch Interests
 Sophy Damy  Sophy Damy Positioning and Navigation Systems
Signal processing
 Felipe Nascimento  Felipe Nascimento Helicopter Operations
Human Factors
Safety in Complex Socio-Technical Systems
Accident Analysis
Task Analysis
 Kuang-Chan Pien  Kuang-Chan Pien  Airspace Capacity
Network Flow
Network Analysis
Queuing Theory
 Milena Studic  Milena Studic Automation in Air Traffic Management
Risk Identification and Analysis
Cabin Crew Safety Analysis
Pilot Workload Analysis
Airport Surface Safety Analysis 
 Busyairah Syd Ali  Busyairah Syd Ali Air Traffic Management
Air Traffic Surveillance Systems
Air Traffic Communication Systems
System Analysis and Design
 Gonzalo Tobaruela  GonzaloTobaruela Air Traffic Control
Airspace Capacity
Human Factors
Traffic Complexity
Simulation & Modelling
 Sabine Wilke  Sabine Wilke Air Traffic Management
Airport Surface Safety
Airport Surface Accident 
and Incident Investigation
 Ramin Moradi  Ramin Moradi Positioning and navigation using GNSS 
GNSS errors mitigation
GNSS multipath detection and mitigation
 Altti Samuli Jokinen  Altti Samuli Jokinen GNSS 
Precise Point Positioning (PPP)
Integrity of GNSS positioning
 Gloria Rui Sun  Gloria Rui Sun Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
Unintended Lane Departure Determination
 Miltos Kyriakidis  Miltos Kyriakidis Human Reliability Analysis
Human Factors and Vulnerable Systems
Railway Safety
Aviation Safety
Risk Analysis of highly-integrated Systems
   Ioannis Demetriou Positioning and navigation using GNSS 
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
Map matching algorithms
 Peri Smith  Peri Smith Railway System Safety Technologies
Driver Machine Interface Technology
Driver Behaviour/Human Factors
Safety Integrity of Railway Systems
 Huiying Wang  Huiying Wang Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
Traffic control and simulation  Vehicular communication technologies
Positioning and navigation systems 
 Chro Ahmed  Chro Ahmed Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Urban Planning 
Transport in developing countries
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Visiting researchers

 Team MemberResearch Interests
 Dr Yu-xin Zhao  Dr Yu-xin Zhao Maritime navigation systems
Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Geo-spatial intelligence 
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