Who to contact

If you are interested in being considered for these awards, you should contact the Scholarship Section of the Imperial College Registry who will advise on how to proceed.

Email: scholarships@imperial.ac.uk

Note:  you cannot be considered for any of these awards until you have submitted an application to study for PhD and this application has been accepted and you have been made a formal offer by the Imperial College Registry.

For UK and EU nationals

If you are a UK national or have a relevant connection to the UK, then you may be eligible for consideration for an award from a number of sources including the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) or our Departmental Bursary Fund.

  • These awards cover home student fees and typically make a contribution of up to £12k per annum towards living costs.
  • Eligible applicants will automatically be considered for EPSRC and Departmental awards - no separate application is required.
  • The number of such awards at our disposal is strictly limited and therefore competition is intense and selection is based on academic merit and research potential.
  • Highly qualified EU applicants may also be considered (typically for a award to cover fees).

For international (non-EU) nationals

If you are an international (non-EU) applicant you will not be eligible for the EPSRC awards mentioned above. However, you may be eligible for consideration for funding from a number of other sources including:

  • The Lee Family Scholarship (for Chinese students)
  • The Dorothy Hodgkin Postgraduate Awards (for students from certain developing countries)
  • The Overseas Research Students Fee Support Scheme (which makes a contribution towards the cost of overseas student fees).

Exceptional applicants may also be considered for partial support from the Departmental Bursary Fund. The number of the awards is strictly limited, competition is intense and selection is based on academic merit and research potential, not financial need.

  • Note also that these awards have strict application deadlines. Further information (including application forms and deadlines) regarding these and other potential funding sources can be found in the Imperial College Postgraduate Prospectus.

Further information on other finding opportunities for international students can be obtained from the British Council.

Application deadline and closing date for applications

The closing date for applications for awards to international applicants varies according to the funding agency, but most stipulate closing dates in March or April. Candidates are encouraged to ensure that their applications are received in good time.