The PORTeC team combines multi-disciplinary academics and experts with strong backgrounds in engineering, economics, mathematics, logistics, management, environmental science and technology.

 Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis is Lecturer in Engineering Systems & Logistics and Director of PORTeC. His interests in sector include liner shipping flows, maritime network resilience, supply chain design, port choice and automation. 
  Dr Marc Stettler is Lecturer in Transport and the Environment in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and leader of the Transport and Environmental Analysis Group in the Centre for Transport Studies. His research interests include the air quality and climate impacts of different transport sectors, including maritime and port operations. 
 Prof Mike Bell Prof Mike Bell is the Foundation Professor of Ports and Maritime Logistics in the Institute of Transport and Logistics at the University of Sydney. Mike has published widely, chaired a number of international symposia on transport operations and planning, and operated as a Consultant & Advisor for various public and private bodies. 
 Dr Khalid Bichou Dr Khalid Bichou is a Transport Logistics and Ports Advisor and is co-founder of PORTeC and GPRA. He has extensive industrial experience and holds visiting academic positions at leading universities including Imperial College. 
 Prof Robert Cochrane Prof Robert Cochrane is a Visiting Professor at Imperial College London, and has over 40 years international experience in financial appraisal, planning, construction and operation of transport facilities.
 Prof Sheila Farrell Prof Sheila Farrell is a Visiting Professor at Imperial College London, where she specializes in port economics and finance. She has over 40 years consultancy experience in maritime economics, port planning and project finance, and brings to her teaching and research work a wealth of practical experience in implementing major infrastructure projects. 
 Dr Dimitris Pachakis Dr Dimitris Pachakis is a Principal Engineer with many years of academic and industry experience in port planning and engineering. His project experience includes medium and large container terminals in the US East and West Coast, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Spain, the Middle East and New Zealand. 
 Dr Bani Anvari Dr Bani Anvari is a Research Associate in PORTeC. Her research interests include pedestrian flow modelling, shared space, social force model, intelligent transportation systems, bike sharing schemes, cycling modelling, urban planning, microscopic traffic simulation, logistics, and flexible job shop scheduling problems. 
  Pablo Achurra Pablo Achurra is a PhD student at Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College London. His current research interests lie on the impact of events such as the Panama Canal expansion on global shipping networks and trade patterns. 
 Jungyong Seo Jungyong Seo is a PhD student at Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College London. His current research interest is about a routing model for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) with optimisation theories. 
Ali Niknejad is Research Associate and Software Developer at the Centre for Transport Studies. He is investigating vessel chartering optimisation and has a background in supply chains risk and uncertainty management.