TRB 2020, Washington D.C.


2020 Annual Meeting of the U.S. Transportation Research Board, Washington DC


Richard Anderson, Anupriya, Laila Ait Bihi Ouali, Prateek Bansal, Alex Barron, Dan Graham, Daniel Hörcher, Lindsey Morse, Ramandeep Singh, John Sing-Key and Praj Xuto


Optimal Infrastructure Reinvestment in Urban Rail Systems: A Dynamic Supply Optimization Approach
Authors: Praj Xuto, Richard J. Anderson, Daniel J. Graham, Daniel Hörcher
Presenter: Praj Xuto
Poster Session 1146 Optimizing Transit Capital and Operations Investments
CC Hall A, B399
Monday 13 January, 8:00-9:45

The Existence of Hypercongestion in Highways: A Truth or a Fallacy?
Authors: Anupriya, Daniel J. Graham, Daniel Hörcher
Presenter: Anupriya
Poster Session 1139 Information Systems and Technology
CC Hall A, A154
Monday 13 January, 8:00-9:45

Paratransit Scheduling Performance
Author: John Sing-Key
Presenter: John Sing-Key
Meeting Presentation, Public Transportation Group Young Members Subcommittee
Marriott Marquis, L'Enfant Plaza (M3)
Monday 13 January, 10:15-12:00

Estimating Passenger Wait Times on Urban Metro Systems via Semiparametric Mixed Methods
Authors: Ramandeep Singh, Daniel J. Graham, Richard Anderson
Presenter: Ramandeep Singh
Lectern Session 1321 Connecting New Modeling Techniques to Urban Rail Operations
CC 144B
Monday 13 January, 15:45-17:30

MaaS Economics: Should We Fight Car Ownership with Subscriptions to Alternative Modes?
Authors: Daniel Hörcher and Daniel J. Graham
Presenter: Daniel Hörcher
Lectern Session 1294 Sharing Economy and Its Impacts
CC 146B
Monday 13 January, 15:45-17:30

Do Stated Customer Preferences Depend on the Expected Perceptions of Others? Evidence from the MeToo Scandal
Authors: Laila Ait Bihi Ouali and Daniel J. Graham
Presenter: Laila Ait Bihi Ouali
Poster Session 1484 Through the Looking Glass of Gender Issues: Mobility Challenges Across the World
CC Hall A, A130
Monday 13 January, 18:00-19:30

Gender Differences in the Perception of Safety in Public Transport
Authors: Laila Ait Bihi Ouali, Daniel J. Graham, Mark Trompet, Alexander Barron
Preenter: Laila Ait Bihi Ouali
Lectern Session 1659 From Motherhood to Sexual Harassment: Exploring Gender Factors That Impact Mobility
CC 152A
Wednesday 15 January, 8:00-9:45


Previous Conferences

HKSTS 2019, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The 24th International Conference of Hong Kong Society for Transportation Studies (HKSTS)


Dan Graham, Daniel Hörcher and Praj Xuto


Optimal infrastructure reinvestment and supply in urban rail systems: A dynamic optimization approach. 
Authors: Praj Xuto, Richard J. Anderson, Daniel J. Graham, Daniel Hörcher
Presenter: Praj Xuto
Session D3: Transport Infrastructure, Ballroom Three, 18/F
16 December, 10:45-12:00

MaaS Economics: Should we fight car ownership with subscriptions to alternative modes?
Authors: Daniel Hörcher and Dan Graham
Presenter: Daniel Hörcher
Session E1: Transport and Big Data II, Ballroom One, 18/F
16 December, 13:30-14:45