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Your voice at the heart of our research

Have you been affected by dementia? We believe that your voice should remain at the heart of our work. We have a range of ongoing involvement activities which allow you to shape and contribute to our research. 

You can become a Friend of the Care Research & Technology Centre (Friend of CR&T) by signing up to receive a regular newsletter of opportunities you can get involved in. Being a Friend enables you to get involved as and when you want to, in the research most interesting and relevant to you. 

If you'd like to have a more integral role in our Centre's research, you can apply to join our Steering Group. The Steering Group will work alongside our team to shape the big picture of our research and guide the Centre's plans over the coming years.  




Become a Friend of the Care Research & Technology Centre 


What is Friends of CR&T?

The Friends of CR&T network invites anyone who has been affected by dementia to get involved in our research by being a Friend of the Centre. This allows you to shape our research, on your terms, as and when you want.

We see people with lived experience of dementia as a critical part of our team; to ensure our research meets the most pressing needs of people affected. The network aims to create a community where researchers, clinicians and people with lived experience, can all learn from one another and help improve the lives of people affected by dementia.


Why become a Friend of CR&T?

  • Have your say in the future of dementia care research
  • Meet people with similar lived experience
  • Get involved in research on your terms
  • Learn more about dementia care research
  • Work alongside doctors, scientists and engineers
  • Be paid for your time and expenses when taking part


What might involvement look like?

You can choose the topics and projects that are most interesting and suitable to your interests and experiences. Below are a few examples of what your involvement could look like — we always try to offer both online and in-person options. Locations for events and meetings will vary with each project. We hope that our methods for involving people with lived experience will evolve as our community grows.

What's involved?

Two women discussing research on a table

Identifying and prioritising research needs

Two people talking together next to a table

Advising research project plans

Two women sat next to each other reading a booklet

Shaping communication materials

What's involved?

A A woman sat around a table next to people trying on a prototype for a headset

Testing prototypes in workshops

A woman and a couple sitting talking on a table with worksheets

Helping understand research findings

Two women discussing research on a table

Sharing research with wider communities

How can I become a Friend of CR&T?

Join our community and hear about opportunities for how you get involved in our research and shape the future of dementia care.  

If you need help completing the sign-up form, please contact us at We will work with you to support your involvement.


Please read our Privacy Notice Friends of CR&T to find out more about how we will use information about you if you sign up to join our public involvement community.



If you have any questions about getting involved in our research, please contact us at