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Our facilities

We have a range of facilities across our sites at Imperial and the University of Surrey. Our facilities help us carry out a range of research; from non-invasive brain stimulation to smart floors and radars which monitor activity in a model home environment.


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Care Research & Technology Centre at Imperial White City Campus

This centre is the home to 55 of our researchers. It has human experimental laboratories to support electrophysiological studies, non-invasive brain stimulation and cognitive assessment, as well as the Imperial Living Lab, which provides a model home environment for technology development and validation.

The living lab

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UK DRI Living Lab & Clinical Research Facility at University of Surrey

The facilities in Surrey combine qualities of a home environment with clinical research and safety requirements. This consists of 2 bedrooms with diverse monitoring capability with cameras, smart floor, radar, infra-red technology. This is in addition to polysomnography, 24-h blood sampling and a lighting system for dynamic control of intensity and spectral composition. These facilities allow us to acquire high-density EEG.

Man sleeping with monitoring equipment

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Synthetic Biology

Prof Paul Freemont’s research group “Point-of-care Diagnostics” brings unique synthetic biology capability to the UK DRI. This provides a high-throughput, semi-automated framework for biosensor design & development at the London Biofoundry. The London Biofoundry comprises infrastructure that facilitates synthetic biology workflows focused on enabling the Design-Build-Test-Learn cycle for synthetic biology. Within the Biofoundry, automated liquid handling robots and analytical workstations allow testing and prototyping of genetic designs in living cells for specific applications.

Researcher in a lab

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