MeV-UED: a platform for total electron scattering


Xijie Wang


SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, CA, USA

The development of high-brightness electron sources made it feasible to explore megaelectronvolt electrons for Ultrafast Electron diffraction and Microscopy (MeV-UED/UEM) [1]. MeV-UED has led to a new paradigm in ultrafast electron scattering: higher electron beam energy significantly reduces space-charge effects hence leads to atomic spatial-temporal resolutions [2-3]. Furthermore, MeV electrons experience less multiple-scattering, and possess “real” flat Ewald-sphere; MeV-UED is a platform for  total electron scattering.   MeV-UED had broad and transformative impact on ultrafast science, such as the first 2-D materials ultrafast structure dynamics [5], light-induced transient states [6,7], and the first direct imaging of fundamental chemical processes: canonical interception & ring-opening [8-9].  In this seminar, I will discuss the latest advancements of MeV-UED technology and science, such as the first operando experiment in ultrafast [10] and hydrogen bond dynamics of liquid water [11].   

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Wednesday 6th October 2021 (4 pm BST)

Virtual colloquium via Zoom, (link will be emailed out through the network mailing list)