The following members of staff at Imperial College London have requested students NOT to contact them about UROP as they would not normally be in a position to offer a research experience. If they participate, they will advertise locally within their own departments:

Faculty of Engineering

  • Professor Julia Higgins, Dept of Chemical Engineering
  • Dr Maria Charalambides, Dept of Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr X. Yun Xu, Dept of Chemical Engineering
  • Professor Robin Grimes, Dept of Materials
  • Professor Peter Haynes, Dept of Materials
  • Professor Richard Hillier, Dept of Aeronautics
  • Professor John Kilner, Dept of Materials
  • Prof Geoff Kelsall, Dept of Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • Prof Niall Adams, Dept of Mathematics
  • Professor Paul Freemont, Dept of Life Sciences
  • Professor Paul French, Dept of Physics
  • Professor David Hand, Dept of Mathematics
  • Dr Robert Weinzierl, Dept of Life Sciences
  • Professor Nigel Bell, Centre for Environmental Policy

Faculty of Medicine

  • Professor Marino Botto, Department of Immunology and Inflammation
  • Dr Peter Clark, National Heart & Lung Insitute 
  • Dr Ian Godsland, Dept of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction
  • Professor Alun Hughes, National Heart & Lung Institute
  • Professor Mark Johnson, Dept of Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction (his whole research group)
  • Professor Tony Magee, National Heart & Lung Institute
  • Professor Mary Morrell, National Heart & Lung Institute
  • Professor Sue Smith, National Heart & Lung Institute
  • Professor Terry Tetley, National Heart & Lung Institute