Welcome to the research webpage for the Wilton-Ely group. James Wilton-Ely is a Professor of Inorganic Chemistry and leads a research group in the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London. He is a former Director (2010-22) of the MRes Green Chemistry programme and also a former Director of MRes Studies (2016-19) and Director of Postgraduate Studies (2019-22) in the Department.

The research interests of the group lie at the interface between coordination chemistry, organometallics and materials science with particular emphasis on metal-mediated applications in sensing, imaging, therapy and catalysis. 

Contact Us

James Wilton-Ely can be contacted at: j.wilton-ely[at]imperial.ac.uk

Current areas under investigation include:

  • Carbon monoxide sensing in air and solution
  • Recovery and re-use of metals in catalysis
  • Multimetallic and nanoparticle-based MRI contrast agents
  • Biomass conversion to platform chemicals by ionic liquids
  • Multimetallic functional compounds