Welcome to the research webpage for the Wilton-Ely group. James Wilton-Ely is a Senior Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry (Associate Professor) and leads a research group in the Department of Chemistry at Imperial College London. He is also Director of the MRes Green Chemistry programme and also Director of MRes Studies for the Department, which has 98 students on 7 MRes courses.

The research interests of the group lie at the interface between coordination chemistry, organometallics and materials science with particular emphasis on metal-mediated functional group transformation and catalysis. 

Contact Us

James Wilton-Ely can be contacted at: j.wilton-ely[at]imperial.ac.uk

Current areas under investigation include:

  • Transition metal functionalised gold nanoparticles for catalysis
  • Carbon monoxide sensing in air and solution
  • Multimetallic and nanoparticle-based MRI contrast agents
  • Biomass conversion into platform chemicals by ionic liquids
  • Multimetallic functional compounds
  • Functionalised thiols for nanotechnology applications