Zeshu Yang investigated the preparation and catalytic performance of multicomponent palladium recovery complexes for her MRes Green Chemistry project.


HoiChi (Natalie) Hau explored the electrochemical detection of carbon monoxide for her MRes Green Chemistry project.


Alex Gow-Smith did his MSci project in the group in the area of sustainable catalysis, applying an Design of Experiments approach to C-C bond forming reactions.


Dori Szalay investigated the extraction of metals from waste in the JWE lab under the direct guidance of Dr Euan Doidge.


Hannah Perry (CDT in Smart Medical Imaging) carried out her groundbreaking PhD work on the use of nanoscale MRI contrast agents for medical imaging of cancer and atherosclerosis. Hannah has now moved to a teaching and outreach position at Southampton Solent University. 


Chi-Chao Nim did his BSc project in the group on NHC derivatives of ruthenium vinyl complexes as probes for CO sensing.


Yizhe Zhang chose to explore the use of recovered Pd complexes in catalysis in the group for her MRes Green Chemistry project.  


Sophia Papalouca explored the electrochemical detection of CO for her MSci project in the group and has now gone on to work in financial services.  


Ainoa Guinart Planellas worked with us while based in the group of Prof. Terry Tetley (National Heart & Lung Institute, Faculty of Medicine) and focused on the use of gold nanomaterials in the treatment of lung cancer for her MSc project. 


Maylis Chambon investigated flourogenic detection of CO for her MSci project and is currently continuing her studies in France. 


Joe O'Connell-Danes worked on the recovery of metals in the group, supervised by Dr Euan Doidge. After his MSci degree, he went on to study for a PhD at the University of Edinburgh.


On her MRes Nanomaterials course, Haiyin Wang investigated the use of nanopores for the detection of CO, jointly supervised by Dr Alex Ivanov and Prof. Joshua Edel. 


Giulia Casarano studied the formation of humins for her BSc project with Dr Amir Al Ghatta and Prof. Jason Hallett in the Department of Chemical Engineering. 


for his MRes Green Chemistry project, Alvin Lee explored the use of recovered gold complexes in catalysis and was jointly supervised by Prof. Angela Serpe (University of Cagliari). 


Xinyi Zhou worked jointly with Professor Jason Hallett under the supervision of Amir Al Ghatta on the stability of 5-HMF in ionic liquids. She graduated from the MRes Green Chemistry programme in the summer of 2020.  


Gregor Ekart made important contributions to C-N bond forming reactions using recovered metal catalysts during his final year MSci project in the group. We are delighted that he has now decided to stay on with the group to work on biological CO detection as part of the CDT in Smart Medical Imaging.   


Fabian Thomas investigated CO detection using ruthenium complexes with molecular gold fluorophores for his final year MSci project.  


Wan Chi (Gigi) Chiang graduated from the MRes in Green Chemistry in September 2020 after a very successful year working with the JWE group and Dr Angela Serpe on the recovery and re-use of palladium in catalysis.   


Max Hassatzky worked on the application of catalysts made from recovered gold material with the JWE group and Dr Angela Serpe. After graduation, Max joined thinkstep (Berlin), where he continues to make contributions to greening the planet!


Dilan Al successfully completed her MRes studies in September 2020. Over the preceding 9 months she investigated the use of recovered cobalt in catalysis under joint supervision with Dr Angela Serpe. Following her graduation from the MRes in Catalysis, Dilan joined Schneider Electric, a specialist in energy management and automation. 


Khairil Anuar Jantan completed his PhD in 2018 on the investigation of multimetallic compounds and the recovery and re-use of palladium from used catalytic converters. He is now a Lecturer at UiTM in Malaysia. 


Samuel Richardson completed his BSc project on multimetallic iron and ruthenium complexes in the group and graduated with a 1st class degree. His work was recently published. 


Lorenzo Mognon was a Royal Society - CNR International Postdoctoral Fellow in the group, working on new sensing methods for CO.


Jonathan Robson completed his PhD on the detection of biological carbon monoxide and will gradute soon.


Vivi Filippousi completed her PhD (jointly with Prof. Jason Hallett) on the utilisation of bioderived feedstocks for platform chemicals.


Nicolas Chabloz finished his PhD on nanoscale materials which combine MR imaging and therapy. He has joined the Department to guide the development of the many MRes programmes we run. 


Gatis Ogle worked on fluorescent polymers for the sensing of CO during his MSci project and graduated in 2018.  


Victoria Garcia Giner was a visiting student from the University of Valencia, Spain, working on new dyes for CO detection in cells and she will remain at Imperial to work towards an MRes degree.


Oriane Desaunay completed her MRes degree in Catalysis in the group in 2018 (joint with Prof. Angela Serpe, University of Cagliari) exploring the recovery and re-use of gold waste in catalysis.  


Qidian (Kayleigh) Li worked with the group and Dr Phil Miller, exploring dual-modality optical-PET probes. She has now moved to Oxford to continue her research on medical imaging.


Xinyi (Cassie) Xu investigated the recovery and re-use of palladium from used catalytic converters catalysis for her MRes Green Chemistry project (joint with Prof. Angela Serpe, University of Cagliari). She graduated in 2018. 


James McArdle completed his PhD (joint with Prof. Nick Long) on the generation of multimetallic nanoscale assemblies based on novel bifunctional linkers. 


Kuang Wen Chan explored the recovery of Pd from waste to generate immobilised, magnetically-recoverable catalyst systems as part of the MRes Green Chemistry course. 


Susannah Molisso (MSci) worked on multimetallic gadolinium-based complexes for use as contrast agents in MRI.


Joshua O'Dude worked on photocatalysed reactions for his MRes in Catalysis project under the guidance of Prof. Don Craig with James Wilton-Ely as second supervisor. 


Chuek Yee (Cherry) Kwok studied on the MRes Green Chemistry course and carried out research on the recovery and catalytic application of Pd obtained from waste automotive catalysts.


Dr Angela Serpe (University of Cagliari, Italy) was a Visiting Researcher in the group for a year. Using her extensive knowledge of metal waste recycling, she worked closely on projects focused on the recovery and re-use of precious metals as homogeneous catalysts. 


Jose Garcia Calvo joined the group from the University of Burgos, Spain (where he is a PhD student with Prof. Torroba Perez) and explored the generation of vinyl complexes with perylene fluorophores to be used as sensors. 


Gloria Rosetto joined the group for a UROP project after the second year of her UG studies. She investigated pyridyl-based fluorophores for the detection of CO. For her work, she won the best UROP poster prize.     


Dr Anita Toscani performed research on the chromo-fluorogenic sensing of CO and SO2 using ruthenium and osmium probes. Following her PhD, she moved to a postdoctoral position at King's College London.  


Sanan Eminov completed his PhD on the breakdown and transformation of biomass to platform chemicals, jointly supervised with Dr Jason Hallett. He is currently the director of the SOCAR Research Centre in Azerbaijan. 


Dr Hazeeq Azman researched the action of rhodococcus sp in ionic liquids under the joint supervision of Dr Jason Hallett (Chemical Engineering) and Prof. Tony Cass.  


Dr Manoochehr Rasekh studied the multi-component encapsulation of imaging and therapeutic materials using co-axial electrospraying techniques for his MRes Bioimaging Sciences project, jointly with Dr. Phil Miller.


Emily Parmenter worked on her MSci final year project in the group, looking at the sensing of CO using metal acetylide complexes. 


Linqian Li explored the use of ionic liquids as a medium for the synthesis of dimethylphthalic anhydride for her MRes Green Chemistry project jointly with Dr. Jason Hallett.


Peiting Ruan researched the sensing of CO in air using the colour changes exhibited by immobilised metal complexes on paper strips for her MRes Green Chemistry project.


Liqing Xu worked on the catalytic oxidation of HMF in ionic liquids for her MRes Green Chemistry project jointly with Dr. Jason Hallett.


Yili Sun studied catalytic approaches to late stage fluorination of drugs for her MRes Catalysis project jointly with Dr Laurence Carroll and Prof. Eric Aboagye at Hammersmith Hospital.


Kaspars Karlssons investigated the relative binding of dithiocarbamates and thiols at nanoparticle surfaces jointly with Prof. Fernando Bresme for his MSci project. He went on to a PhD at the University of Cambridge. 


Maung Thet Naing Win performed his BSc final year project work in the group on CO sensing using metal aryl complexes. 


Dr Margot Wenzel performed postdoctoral studies on multifunctional gold nanoparticles designed for targeted imaging applications. She is currently conducting research at Cardiff University.


Angela Chen (MRes Green Chemistry) explored theoretical approaches to study the surface functionalisation of nanoparticles using Au20 jointly with Prof. Fernando Bresme. She went on to a PhD with Dr Jason Hallet in Chemical Engineering. 


Kai Ni Teh (MRes Green Chemistry) studied the synthesis of biobased alternatives to phthalic anhydride using ionic liquids jointly supervised by Dr Jason Hallet in Chemical Engineering.


Elvin Chua investigated the fluorogenic sensing of CO in air and in solution for his BSc project in the group and went on to study for an MSc at the University of Oxford.   


Alex Howe explored multifunctional linkers for polymetallic assemblies for his final year MSci project. 


Marta Dazzi worked during her MRes project on multimetallic compounds and nanoparticles for use as MRI contrast agents. 


Richard Winder completed his MSci final year project in the group, looking at multimetallic complexes based on acetylide and N-donor combinations.


Silvia Binet spent time with the group as an ERASMUS student from EPFL and researched CO sensing using functionalised nanoparticles.


Xiaochen Liu studied photoactivated catalysis for his MRes Catalysis project jointly with Prof. Don Craig

Giacomo Damilano

Giacomo Damilano (MRes Green Chemistry) worked jointly with Dr Tricia Hunt on the computational modelling of dithiocarbamate-based ionic liquids and the species formed on adding sequestered metal ions.

Yijia Ren MRes Green Chemistry student, Yijia Ren, perfromed research in collaboration with Prof. Fernando Bresme, investigating theoretically the surface functionalisation of gold nanoparticles with dithiocarbamates (DTC) and DTC/thiolate mixtures.  
Xiangyi Jing Xiangyi Jing explored the Diels-Alder transformations of biorenewable dimethylfuran in ionic liquids, jointly with Dr Jason Hallett (Chemical Engineering). This was performed as part of the MRes Green Chemistry programme.  
Anqi Xie In collaboration with Dr Joshua Edel, Anqi Xie (MRes Green Chemistry) investigated the detection of mercury in water using nanoparticle-enhanced SERS at the liquid-liquid interface.  
Jane Wan Jane Wan joined the group from NUS in Singapore for a summer project working on dithiocarbamate-phosphine linkers for multimetallic compounds.  
Beryl Thum

Beryl Thum (NUS) worked on the preparation of functionalised alkynes for vinyl complex formation during her summer project.

Jubeda Hena Jubeda Hena joined the group to work on multimetallic compounds based on rhenium-ruthenium and rhenium-osmium and fragments for her MSci project (published in 2014). She is now working at KPMG, applying her synthetic skills to business!  
Jonathan Robson Jonathan Robson investigated multimetallic assemblies based on a disulfide linkage, leading to heterotrimetallic compounds. He is now performing biomedical research on the MRes in Bioimaging programme at Imperial College.
Thibault Fovanna Thibault Fovanna carried out his research project in the group and has now returned to EPFL in Switzerland.
Claire Roseren Claire Roseren did her BSc research project in the group, investigating S,P- mixed donor ligands for metal complexation.
  Ferran Gonzalez  Dr Ferran Gonzalez spent 6 months in the group, visiting during his PhD studies at the University of Barcelona. He carried out research on functionalised nanoparticles bearing diphosphine units as well as hybrid sulfur-phosphorus linkers for multimetallic assemblies. He has now completed his PhD studies with Prof. Oriol Rossell.
  Maria Moragues Dr Maria Moragues worked on ruthenium and osmium complexes for the sensing of carbon monoxide. She has now completed her PhD at the Polytechnic University of Valencia with Prof. Ramon Martinez Manez. Work from this collaboration was published in 2014.
Eeva Heliovaara Eeva Heliovaara joined the group from the University of Helsinki for a 3-month project to work on sensing of cations with mono- and bimetallic complexes bearing crown ether functionality, which was published in 2015.
buster Dr John Collinson worked on magnetically-recoverable nanoparticles with catalytic surface units, jointly supervised by Dr Silvia Diez-Gonzalez. He now works at Johnson Matthey plc.
Martin Hulla Martin Hulla carried out his MSci project in thr group, in which he investigated rhodium catalysts bearing dithiocarbamate ligands for hydroformylation of long-chain alkenes. He is now working in industry on the synthesis and testing of new catalytic systems.
Venesia Hurtubise Venesia Hurtubise recently completed a successful MRes project in the group as part of the MRes Green Chemistry programme. Her work on bifunctional propargyldithiocarbamate ligands was published in 2014.
  Ignacio (Nacho) Villar-Garcia Dr Ignacio (Nacho) Villar-Garcia worked as a PDRA (jointly supervised with Dr Jason Hallett) on the isolation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural from ionic liquids. He is now manager of the High Pressure Photoelectron Spectroscopy service at Imperial.
Rebecca Sherwood Rebecca Sherwood carried out research on multimetallic complexes and functionalised nanoparticles as part of her MRes Green Chemistry project in the group. She is now working as windfarm manager for Statoil (UK).
Luke Wainwright Luke Wainwright conducted his MRes Bioimaging research on MRI contrast agents jointly in the group and at Hammersmith Hospital. He is currently studying for a PhD at UCL.
Riten Solanki Riten Solanki worked on dithiocarboxylate palladium complexes as part of his MSci research project. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of Birmingham.
  Yuko Isayama Yuko Isayama worked on nanoparticle-based MRI contrast agents as part of her MRes in Bioimaging.
  Aidan Ashton-Griffiths Aidan Ashton-Griffiths investigated dithiocarbamate-functionalised gold nanoparticles as potential PET agents jointly with Dr Phil Miller as part of the MRes Bioimaging course. He is now working as a scientist in the brewing industry.
  Martin Champion Martin Champion received a first class grade for his final year research project on palladium dithiocarboxylate catalysts. He is currently doing PhD research at the University of Southampton.
  Angela Ribes Angela Ribes joined the group in 2010 to carry out her ERASMUS project on multimetallic complexes based on nitrogen and oxygen donors. She is currently in Valencia pursuing PhD studies in the group of Prof. Ramon Martinez Manez.
  Loraine Duclaux Loraine Duclaux joined the group from ENS in Paris to work on click chemistry with coordinated metals. She is now continuing her studies in France on the PhD programme focused on photovoltaics at EDF/CNRS/Chimie ParisTech.
  Holly Holmes Holly Holmes completed her MRes in bioimaging in 2011 with her dissertation on nanoparticle-based MRI contrast agents. She has remained in London to study for a PhD in medical imaging at UCL.
  Katie Oliver Katie Oliver researched polyfunctional dithiocarbamate compounds, in which she has developed a new family of hexadentate and octadentate cores for multimetallic arrays (published 2011). She received a first class mark for this project and went on to work for AkzoNobel.
  James Erickson James Erickson was the first Australian member of the group. He completed his MRes studies in 2011 on the breakdown of biomass using ionic liquids. He is now working on his PhD at the University of Cambridge.
  Payel Payel Patel did her BSc project in 2011, looking at hemilabile dithiophosphate ligands bound to ruthenium (published in 2012). She went on to study law and is now a solicitor.
  Saira Naeem After four years working for Cancer Research UK, Dr Saira Naeem returned to the group to start a PhD in 2009 on functionalised nanoparticles. This resulted in 10 publications and she returned to the group as a PDRA following her PhD. She is currently Programme Grant Manager of the HexMat project in the Materials Department.
  Eugene Chia Eugene Chia worked on gold complexes with 2-phenylthiocarbamoyl imidazolium ligands, for which he received a first class grade and was first author on a publication in 2011. He is now studying for his PhD at Stanford University in the US.
  Ellie Ogilvie Ellie Ogilvie worked in the group on a project funded by the Nuffield Foundation. The research she carried out led to her being named runner up in the Young Scientist of the Year competition! She is currently studying at the University of Cambridge and has the distinction of being one of very few to have published a paper before starting an undergraduate course!
  Duygu Celebi Dr Duygu Celebi was the first in the group to work on biomass breakdown as a student on the MRes Green Chemistry programme. She moved to the University of Bath to study for a PhD in sustainable technologies.
  Ming Wang Ming Wang worked on complexes with mixed-donor ligands and has recently completed a PhD in Biochemical Research at Imperial. She is currently carrying out postdoctoral work in Chicago.
  Dina Solanki Dr Dina Solanki completed her PhD (jointly with Dr. Graeme Hogarth) on dithiocarbamate chemistry in 2005.
  Sanaz Honarkhah Sanaz Honarkhah carried out research on sulphur-nitrogen mixed-donor ligands. She is now a chemistry teacher in London.
  Saira Naeem Saira Naeem investigated new biphenylalkyl thiols for SAM and nanoparticle applications.
Gurpreet Gurpreet looked at functionalised thiols for the functionalisation of SAM surfaces. She went on to study science journalism at the University of the West of England.
  Ed Knight Ed Knight explored the preparation of multimetallic complexes through bifunctional dithiocarbamates, including the application of this methodology to gold nanoparticle functionalisation. He has recently returned to the UK to start work with KPMG after spending time in Japan on a Daiwa scholarship.
  Mairi Macgregor Mairi Macgregor looked at organometallic homo- and heterobimetallic complexes. She is currently working with a church in London.
  Nina Leung Nina Leung worked last year on the functionalisation of gold nanoparticles and explored the fabrication of mixed surface topographies on these species.
  Yvonne Lin Yvonne Lin looked at using 'click' chemistry to link metals into multimetallic systems and explored the use of this approach to functionalise Au NPs.
  Aaron Davies Aaron Davies spent 2008/9 exploring dithiocarbamates tailored for anion sensing applications in a joint project with Prof. Paul Beer (Oxford).