Meet our committee

Fama headshot

Fama Manneh - President

Fama, a driven Ph.D. student at Imperial, pioneers haemostatic technology using nanomaterials for superhydrophobic devices. Her collaborative research spans medicine and bioengineering. Beyond the lab, she enjoys baking, painting, and hiking, and actively engages in outreach initiatives, showcasing her passion for both science and community involvement.

Nadine Abdelhalim - Outreach and liaisons specialist

Nadine is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Advanced Computing , specifically focusing on NLP, Computer vision and medical technology, which are her current areas of interest.

Rehanah Razak - Events officer

Rehanah is a PhD student in the Department of Physics working on the development of Novel Beam Instrumentation for In Vivo and In Vitro End Stations for the Laser-hybrid Accelerator for Radiobiological Applications (LhARA) initiative. She is currently working on beamline simulations to develop focussed minibeams for radiobiological research. In her spare time, she enjoys doing taekwondo, playing the piano, reading and listening to music.

Committee 2

Carolina Moura Bento - Vice President

Carolina is currently a BSc Medical Biosciences student. She is passionate about cancer, immunology, and stem cell research and aims to become a biomedical scientist. Beyond the lab, you will find her exploring the city, reading a book about biomedical research, or dancing to some music.

Eleni Chatzilakou - Lead web administrator

Eleni is a PhD candidate at Imperial College London's Department of Chemical Engineering, focusing on developing point-of-care biosensing technologies for skin cancer diagnosis. She's an active member of the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) and is passionate about exploring the intersections of data and gender bias, particularly on how they affect gender disparities in STEM fields. She’s always down for skiing, dancing and discovering unique cafes in London.