Saturn 944+ information

User interaction with the Saturn 944+ CCD is through a Linux computer on the operator's desk.  If the screen shows a Windows XP desktop, hit Scroll Lock twice in quick succession to switch to Linux.

The Windows computer runs the Framegrabber, which communicates with the CCD.  It is important that the Framegrabber is not just on, but the rigaku user logged on.  Logging on starts a daemon that communicates with the CCD.

Data collection

A detailed step-by-step guide for collecting data with HKL-3000 has been prepared.  In addition, the facility manager is always happy to help.  Remember to book time on Sharepoint and to turn on the cold stream 20 minutes before you want to start collecting.


The status of the instrument and the progress of data collection can be monitored remotely (from Imperial network).  You can see:

  • the current view of the enclosure
  • the view of the crystal if mounted (and lights on)
  • shutter status, goniometer position, the current image and finish time if data collection is ongoing