How to book

Booking diaries for all of the instruments in the X-ray crystallography facility are located on a central Sharepoint system.  Only registered users of either facility can access the diaries and make entries onto it.  External users should email the facility manager for details of charges for non Imperial College Users.

When requesting access to Sharepoint please include your CID, the name of your PI and a grant code.  Due to ionising radiation regulations only registered users can use the X-ray equipment.  For more information, read how to get started.

Crystallisation robot

Because of the speed of operation, there is no booking system for the crystallization robot itself.  However, the plates with commercial screens must be booked in advance.  Details of the booking are automatically transmitted by email to the facility manager and the facility technician, one of whom will put the requested plates in the shared 4C incubator near the crystallization robot and alert the user to the fact by email.  When making the booking, please guess the number of drops you will set up (one or two).

The cost per plate is currently £18.50 for a single-drop experiments and £23 for double-well experiments.  These costs are the actual cost for production; the CSB makes no profit from these plates.  Your PI will be billed every 3 months for plates used by his group.

There's a page dedicated to the operation of the crystallisation robot.

X-ray generator

The X-ray generator can be booked under the Saturn944 diary in the Sharepoint system.  There is no charge for internal users.  External users please contact the facility manager for details and prices.

If you require any assistance in using any of the equipment or setting up your experiments, please contact the facility manager who will be happy to help.