We work with world leading scientists and engineers to develop innovative science into practical solutions that can be applied in clinical or point-of-care diagnostics. CBS’s track record has established its reputation among academics and the wider University, facilitating good collaborations with Partner Companies. Contact us to explore ways to work with us.

We expect that all our members to behave with high respect for one another, act with transparency, integrity and inclusion to achieve our shared ambitions. Alongside our work, we organise many social activities for enjoyment, relaxation, and belongingness.

Benefits of Working with CBS

  • Projects are supported by access to the cutting-edge R&D facilities within the Chemical Engineering department.
  • Exchange scientists and engineers between industrial and academic partners, through our embedded researcher scheme.
  • The CBS Partners have non-competitive market positions by design, so there are potential business opportunities between partners with a mutual interest in exploiting a technology.
  • Membership of CBS provides networking benefits from existing links between Imperial College London and other academic centres, in both the UK and elsewhere.